Main Street Revitalization Project

Town of Coaldale Main Street

As part of the 2019-2021 Capital Plan, upgrades and enhancements have been proposed for the aging sanitary infrastructure along 20th Avenue between 20th Street & 17th Street. As part of this project, an excellent opportunity has been presented to also enhance the streetscape along main street. 

Along with the much-needed upgrades to 20th Avenue's sanitary infrastructure, this project will provide a number of value-added improvements to our main street, including pedestrian and road safety improvements, upgrades to parking capacity, and aesthetic and functional improvements. Ultimately, these upgrades and enhancements will be pivotal in accommodating future growth and development in our Town for years to come.

Key Project Information

  • Project Timeline & Construction Schedule (coming soon)
  • Mitigating Construction Impacts (coming soon)
  • Proposed Upgrades and Enhancements (coming soon)
  • Community Engagement Opportunities (coming soon)
  • Project Notices & Updates

Contact Us

Are you a downtown business owner, resident, or concerned citizen? Feel free to contact us by e-mail at or call 403-345-1300 for more information regarding the Main Street Revitalization Project! You may also join our project mailing list here.