Snow Removal

Following large snow events, the Town of Coaldale crew will clear snow and ice from the major routes. The Town provides snow removal for residents based on a route priority system. High priority areas include all routes used by Emergency Vehicles and access to local schools.

Plowing typically starts at 4am on priority 1 and 2 routes and will continue throughout the day as needed. Snow removal may take place over the space of multiple days depending on the amount and duration of snowfall. Please keep a safe distance from plows as they work diligently to get our roads cleared and safe to drive.

The Town is also committed to plowing its recently expanded pathways system to make sure that our residents can continue to enjoy the pathways and stay active all year round. The pathways will be cleared on a priority basis based on school routes, efficiencies and volume of use. 

For more information on clearing routes please view the Town’s Snow Removal Priority Map and the Pathway Snow Removal Priority Map. You can also check out our video on snow removal and see that a day looks like in the life of Plowy McPlowface!