Service Requests

The Town of Coaldale is committed to consistently responding to service requests about municipal programs, services, facilities, staff, and operational procedures through a formalized process. This process is in place to facilitate the response to requests for service and/or complaints arising from current levels of service being offered by the Town. Service requests should not be used to request that Coaldale Town Council increase, decrease, or provide additional services beyond what the Town currently offers. 

What Are Service Requests?

Service requests are formal requests related to the maintenance and/or delivery of a Town of Coaldale program, facility, or service. Examples include:

  • requests to fix potholes, roads, sidewalks, and alleys;
  • requests related to garbage, recycling, and compost pickup;
  • requests to either apply for or cancel a business license;
  • requests to clean up a public space/park; 
  • requests to utilize the Town's communications resources (social media pages/newsletter); and
  • requests for tax information including notices, assessments, & certificates;

Formal service requests can be submitted by clicking on the button below.

Submit a Service Request

NOTE: To submit requests/complaints related to municipal enforcement and/or bylaw infractions, click here