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Photo Radar

The Town of Coaldale conducts photo radar to enforce speeding violations under the direction of the Coaldale RCMP detachment. Traffic safety is of high importance for Coaldale as it enhances public safety within the community.

The Town targets high-risk areas for photo radar. Photo radar sites are based on the following criteria:

1. HIgher frequency of collisions

2. Higher frequency of speeding

3. Higher frequency of intersection contraventions (ie., failing to stop at a red light or stop sign)

4. Designated zones

Alberta Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Guidelines

2021 Automated Traffic Enforcement Report

2022 Automated Traffic Enforcement Report

Coaldale Traffic Safety Plan

How it Works

Photo radar captures a photograph of a speeding vehicle. As a vehicle enters the radar beam it is detected and the vehicle's speed is calculated. When the end of the vehicle is detected and if the vehicle’s speed exceeds the posted speed limit for the particular location, a photo is taken and the speed is recorded. During low light periods, a flash is incorporated to enhance the image.


Public Awareness

Permanent signs are posted on primary access roads entering Coaldale to alert the public that photo radar is used as a speed enforcement tool.

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Important Information: DO NOT attend the Courthouse on or before the court appearance date stated on the reverse of the ticket.

The fastest and most convenient option for dealing with your A.T.E ticket is at

Ways to pay: 

1. The Traffic Tickets Digital Service (TTDS) is the fastest and most convenient way to respond to your ticket.  You can pay a ticket, request time to pay, plead not guilty or request a resolution offer. or scan the QR code on your ticket.

2. In person at any Registry Office or Provincial Court, you must bring your ticket.

3. You can email the court at to plead guilty and request time to pay or plead not guilty, and a trial date will be set for you.

4. To pay by mail, send a copy of the ticket and a cheque or money order payable to the Government of Alberta


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TrafficCalm System

The Town of Coaldale has installed speed signs throughout the town to enhance public safety on town roads and streets by educating drivers to voluntarily reduce vehicle speeds. Traffic safety is highly important for Coaldale, as it is another method of enhancing the overall public safety within the community.

Research was conducted by Town staff and the RCMP to determine the ideal site requirements for these signs. Speed sign sites were based on the following criteria:

  • Placed at a point where there is a reduction in the posted speed limit.
  • Speed limit signs are posted in conjunction with the speed sign.
  • At locations where the posted speed limit transitions from a higher speed limit to a lower speed limit.
  • Signs shall be placed on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Each radar site should maximize speed display exposure between the motorist and the radar sign.
  • A minimum distance of 300 feet of clear sight distance should be maintained.
  • Radar sign light intrusion to nearby homes needs to be considered. Blinders can be used to minimize light intrusion.
  • The policy is to obtain agreement from each adjacent property owner prior to the installation of the radar signs.
  • Minimum height from the bottom edge of the sign to grade should be seven feet to discourage vandalism.

The TraffiCalm System are active speed signs, showing drivers their speed while on roads throughout the community. These interactive signs will show motorists if they are speeding or following the posted speed limits. The signs will collect daily data allowing for analysis and research for further use. The signs are not automated traffic enforcement (photo radar) signs.

The goal of the speed signs is to further enhance the town public safety program by providing another level of public education to citizens regarding public safety and speed limits within the town.

The signs will be installed in Coaldale neighbourhoods and will not be put in a permanent place. The signs will be moved throughout the Town on a rotating basis, allowing for as much data feedback as possible. The signs will be placed in a metal sleeve and be locked into place so only those authorized can move it. When the sign is not currently located in your neighbourhood, the metal sleeve will have a cover placed over it and will not interfere with any yard maintenance required on your property.


Current Site Locations


845 North – Directly East on Rehoboth Centre – Co-located with 50km speed sign.



845 South – Co-located with 50km/hr speed sign.



2223 Cottonwood Drive – Facing West – Start of playground zone.



2180 22nd Street – Corner of Cottonwood Drive and 22nd Street - Facing East – Start of playground zone.

30 km


Jennie Emery School 22nd Avenue - Near alleyway west of the school, facing West.

30 Km (Playground)


30th Avenue between 15th Street and 20th Street.



Map of Portable Speed Sign Locations


If you have any further questions or feedback regarding these signs please call 1-844-645-2635.