Comparative Analysis

The Town of Coaldale presented it's first comparative analysis report to the community at the December 19, 2019 Council meeting. Leading up to that report, the Town has determined that, as an organization, they wanted to go above-and-beyond what other similar municipalities were doing in terms of financial reporting as well as in terms of analyzing its operations. To do so, and to communicate that information effectively to its residents and businesses, the Town elected to engage in an exercise not typically undertaken at the municipal level and instead borrowed a tool from the private sector which has been dubbed the annual Comparative Analysis.

The intent of this report is to look at the same municipalities every year and compare a number of statistics that should help elected officials, staff, residents, business owners and anyone else who is interested get a better sense of how the Town operation is run. 

How does Coaldale measure up to similarly sized and neighbouring municipalities? Please click the link below to view the Town of Coaldale 2021 Comparative Analysis.

2021 Comparative Analysis