Your Tax Bill

Municipal Property Tax Levies

The amount you pay in municipal property tax is determined by two primary factors: property assessment and mill rate.

  • Property assessment, simply defined, is the determination of the market value of a residential or commercial property. The Government of Alberta mandates that an independent, registered and impartial firm determine the assessed value of a property. The Town of Coaldale has no role in the process or determination of a property’s assessment.
  • The mill rate is defined by the amount of tax owed per (one) thousand dollars of property value. Once the market value of a property is established, a mill rate is applied to that property’s assessment to determine what is owed in taxes each year. In Coaldale, as with most other municipalities, there is a separate mill rate for residential and commercial properties. These rates are set each spring.

Supplemental Property Assessment & Tax Notice

A Supplemental Property Assessment and Tax Notice is sent to registered owners who completed construction during the current tax year that was not included on the annual Assessment Roll. It is prorated to reflect the number of days the new construction is complete during the tax year.

Your supplemental levy is calculated by multiplying the increased assessed value of your property by the current mill rate, dividing it by 365 (days in the year), and multiplying it by the supplementary days noted on the Supplemental Property Assessment and Tax Notice. 

To avoid penalties, the supplemental tax notice must be paid on or before June 30 of the following tax year. For payment options, click here. 

Recreation Tax Levy

In addition to what you owe based on property assessment and mill rate, your tax bill - providing it is residential rather than commercial - will also include taxes owed from a 10 dollar per month recreation levy ($120 per year). This levy was adopted in 2019 to help pay for the design and construction of the Town's new multi-use recreation centre and high school, which is slated to open in spring 2024.

Education & Seniors Housing Tax Levies

Finally, your tax bill also includes taxes owed to the province for education and seniors housing. Taxes owed from these levies are not subject to control or review by the Town, and the amount a taxpayer owes to each category is based upon a separate mill rate established by the Province that the Town collects on behalf of the Government of Alberta and the Green Acres Foundation.

Below is a summary of the 2023 property tax mill rates and how they compare to 2022.

Have questions? Please consult the Town's 2023 Tax Brochure for more information:

2023 Tax Brochure