Street Sweeping

2023 Schedule

Street sweeping will begin on April 17 and take place between 6:00am & 4:00pm. 

**Please note that due to weather constraints, street sweeping is behind schedule by approximately 1 week and will now continue into June. 

Upcoming Section(s)

  • Starting April 24: Sections 1, 6 & 8
  • Starting May 1: Sections 3, 4 & 9
  • Starting May 8: Sections 2 & 11
  • Starting May 15: Section 10
  • Starting May 22: Sections 5 & 7
  • Starting May 29: Continuing Sections 5 & 7
  • Starting June 5: Section 12

Please refer to the street sweeping map below for details on each section. The ability to complete each section will largely depend on the weather. To download the map and zoom in on specific zones/areas, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the street sweeping program in the Town of Coaldale?

The street sweeping program in the Town of Coaldale aims to maintain clean and debris-free streets for the protecting of the storm water system and secondly for the overall aesthetic appeal. Regular street sweeping helps remove dust, leaves, litter, and other debris from road surfaces, preventing them from clogging storm drains and reducing the risk of accidents.

2. When does the street sweeping program take place?

The street sweeping program typically operates during the spring and summer months, when weather conditions are favorable. However, the specific dates and frequency of street sweeping may vary each year based on factors like weather patterns and road conditions. The Town of Coaldale schedules street sweeping in the spring and specific areas are swept in the fall to pick up leaves that would end up blocking the storm water infrastructure.

3. How often are the streets swept?

The frequency of street sweeping varies depending on the road classification and the level of debris accumulation. Main arterial roads and heavily trafficked areas are usually swept more frequently than residential streets. Generally, the Town of Coaldale strives to sweeps all streets at least once during the street sweeping season.

4. Will I be notified in advance when the street sweeping will take place on my street?

The Town of Coaldale makes efforts to provide advanced notice to residents regarding upcoming street sweeping activities. Typically, notices are posted on the town's website and social media platforms. Additionally, temporary "No Parking" signs may be placed along the streets scheduled for sweeping.

5. How should I prepare for street sweeping on my street?

To facilitate effective street sweeping, it is essential to remove any vehicles, trailers, or other obstacles from the road on the designated sweeping day. Make sure to check the notifications provided by the town to be aware of the scheduled sweeping dates for your area. By keeping the streets clear, you can help ensure thorough cleaning and maximize the benefits of the street sweeping program.

6. Will the street sweeping program affect garbage collection and other services?

The street sweeping program is typically coordinated to minimize disruptions to other municipal services, such as garbage collection. Efforts are made to ensure that the sweeping schedule does not coincide with the regular garbage collection days. Multiple sections are assigned each week to allow for waste pickup schedules.

 7. What should I do if my street was missed during the scheduled street sweeping?

If your street was missed during the scheduled street sweeping, you can report the issue to the Town of Coaldale's Public Works by calling 403-345-1300. They will investigate the matter and make arrangements for the street to be swept as soon as possible.

8. How can I contribute to the effectiveness of the street sweeping program?

Residents can support the street sweeping program by keeping their yards and sidewalks free from debris. Avoid sweeping leaves, grass clippings, or other yard waste into the street, as it can obstruct the sweeper's effectiveness and clog storm drains.

9. Whom should I contact for further information or specific inquiries about the street sweeping program?

For additional information or specific inquiries about the street sweeping program in the Town of Coaldale, you can reach out to the Town's Public Works Department. They can provide you with further details, address concerns, and assist you with any questions related to the program. Contact information for these departments can be found on the town's website.


  • Weekly updates will be provided on this webpage and on our Facebook page to keep you informed with the most accurate information. Please note, schedules are weather dependent and are subject to change.
  • While crews are working in a section, signage will placed a street/avenue ahead of the sweeper.
  • Each week there will be multiple sections that we are sweeping, this is to facilitate working around waste pickups. If your section is planned for the current week, the sweeper will only be there on off waste collection days.


  • Bylaw Officers will be enforcing on-street parking bans. Please be advised when street sweeping will take place in your section by checking this webpage frequently, subscribing to our social media page and keeping an eye out for physical signage.