Public Engagement

The Town of Coaldale values the community’s input on matters of civic importance and recognizes the critical role meaningful dialogue plays in decision-making processes undertaken by  Council. Over the years, we have been refining our robust engagement process to ensure that we are utilizing the most sophisticated and effective methods for distributing information and collecting public input on important matters including major projects and financial priorities.

As outlined in the Town's Public Participation Policy No. C-017-0618 (2017), we closely follow the International Association of Public Particpation's (IAP2) guidelines for any public participation process to make sure we execute the best and most current engagement practices. 

Let's Connect Coaldale 

Let's Connect is Coaldale's one-stop-shop for community engagement. Here, you can connect with us on topics in your community that matter most to you at any time, from anywhere. Let's Connect is designed to make it easy for you to learn about projects and initiatives in Coaldale, discuss important topics, provide feedback and contribute to the future of your community.

Let's Connect Coaldale

Questica OpenBook 

Questica is designed to build transparency and trust by communicating complex information with easy-to-read visuals. This program allows us to showcase financial and non-financial data with interactive charts, tables, and graphics with descriptive text, and informational pop-ups. You can easily find information you want and need to know about the Town's plans and major projects in the community.

Questica OpenBook

Community Dialogue Toolkit

The Community Dialogue Toolkit is intended to help facilitate community engagement and public participation between the Town of Coaldale, public and private organizations, and all members of the community. Public participation is essential for a healthy community because it creates opportunities for meaningful discussion and feedback. Inviting community members and stakeholders to participate in the conversation about important decisions also increases the legitimacy of the outcome and provides a deeper understanding of the lived impacts the outcome will have on key stakeholders. The Community Dialogue Toolkit is designed to support engagement opportunities and help create a roadmap for effective conversation.

Community Dialogue Toolkit

Working Groups

The Town of Coaldale has a number of resident-led working groups to guide important decisions on major projects. These working groups play a vital role in ensuring direct public participation and feedback in a number of key projects. 

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