Engagement sessions for joint high school/rec centre and pool to start this Fall


The Town of Coaldale is excited to begin community engagement on all things recreation this fall - including Coaldale's pool situation and the new joint multi-use recreation facility. A series of engagement sessions targeting the two topics will be held at the end of September and into October, providing the community with a number of opportunities to get involved with the projects.

The Town of Coaldale Pool

At the July 18th special council meeting, Town Council made the decision to not re-open the Coaldale outdoor pool in 2019 due to a costly breakdown of the pool's filtration system. Also during this meeting, council decided to defer discussion of the pool's long-term future until a series of community consultation sessions have been conducted. The consultation sessions planned for this fall will offer the community insight on a variety of options for the future of our community pool and an opportunity to share your thoughts about which options might best serve Coaldale now and in the future.

Joint High School/Rec Centre

The Town of Coaldale is excited to enter the design phase of the joint high school/rec centre project this Fall. The Town, along with Palliser Regional Schools, will be working with FWBA Architects during the design and construction phase of the project. FWBA Architects are responsible for a variety of building designs in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Calgary. For more information on this partnership, see the Palliser Regional Schools press release here.

Over the course of September, the Town of Coaldale will be working with the Sport & Recreation Working Group to meet with Coaldale's user groups. The intention of these meetings will be to discuss and brainstorm the potential amenities that may be desired in the new facility. To conclude these efforts, the Town will be holding a series of engagement sessions with the public in October and November to provide opportunities for further input and dialogue around the features of the new facility. As we enter this exciting period for the joint multi-use recreation facility project, we want to ensure that the final product accurately reflects the needs of our community. We encourage everyone to come out to these sessions later this Fall.

Final dates, times, and locations will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our social media, website, and mail-outs for updates.

For more information on the joint high school/rec centre, please visit our project page or frequently asked questions page.