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South Coaldale Residential Development 

Monterra Projects Ltd. and partners are intending to develop 23.4 acres of land located south of 24 Ave., between 17 Street and 13 Street as a residential area. The developer is committed to having proactive discussions with surrounding residents before identifying a design concept that they wish to take forward to Town Council for approval.

To read preliminary details about the project and to find out more the about upcoming engagement opportunities, visit the project webpage.


The Wayfinding Strategy Pilot Project

The Town of Coaldale has introduced a wayfinding signage pilot program to help pedestrians and cyclists make informed decisions about the routes they take daily. The key objective of the wayfinding pilot is to provide a user-friendly, accessible, and predictable system. The feedback from the survey will be used to carry forward your thoughts and opinions about travelling on foot or by bike and incorporated into the design and delivery of permanent wayfinding signage.

To learn more about the pilot project, visit the project webpage.

To take the wayfinding survey, click here: 

Wayfinding Survey

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