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Please note that the information below has been prepared by Monterra Projects Ltd. and partners, the developer for the South Coaldale Residential Development, to share information about the project and upcoming engagement opportunities.

South Coaldale Residential Development

As the developer, Monterra Projects Ltd. and partners are planning to develop 23.4 acres of land for residential uses, including single-family homes, townhouses, low-rise apartments and seniors housing. This range of housing will provide a variety of options to meet the varying needs of current and future residents, as well as support opportunities for residents to age in place and young adults to remain in the community.

Please note, a concept for the site has not been finalized, nor has Town Council approved any concrete plans. The engagement process is designed to collect community feedback prior to a formal proposal being drafted.

Site Location

The 23.4 acres of lands are located south of 24 Avenue, between 17 Street and 13 Street. The area is bounded to the south by existing residential development located on 29 and 30 Avenues, the Quads-Baseball and Soccer Fields to the east, agricultural and residential to the west and residential and the St. Joseph’s School to the north. 

South Coaldale Map

Alignment with Town Documents

The Town Plan, which is a long-term document that provides direction on future development and land use within a community, was recently updated and adopted in October 2020. Town Plans typically incorporate policies concerning land use, infrastructure, economic development, social objectives, environmental matters and financial analysis into a comprehensive document that acts as a framework for sound decision-making. 

It is a statutory document that is required by the province and new development needs to support the policies and goals within the Plan.

Residential Goals identified in the Town Plan include:

  • Support a diversity of housing forms and lot sizes that provide options for residents.
  • Encourage housing options that cater to people of diverse abilities and means so that everyone in the community has access to safe housing. 
  • Ensure residential development makes efficient use of infrastructure and achieves densities that support the long-term prosperity of the Town.
  • Support safe and attractive residential development compatible with the historic, natural and cultural quality of existing residential neighbourhoods.

The Town has also recently adopted a Transportation Master Plan which provides direction on the development and improvements to the transportation network, including safety and connectivity for people who walk and cycle. One recommendation from the Plan is a connection from 13 Street to 17 Street through the site. This potential connection will be explored as part of this process.

Current Zoning

Currently zoned as Urban Reserve and Country Residential, this residential development process will require an amendment to the South Coaldale Area Structure Plan (ASP) (Bylaw 407-P-07-99, as amended) and re-zoning of the land to permit the development of the lands for additional residential uses. As part of the ASP amendment and re-zoning process, engagement with adjacent landowners and residents will be key to helping inform the overall development concept for the area.


Where Are We Now

The first round of engagement took place in January 2021. The second phase of engagement took place in February-March 2021. Each phase of engagement included a virtual community session and online survey to share information and gather feedback.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project so far! Take a quick look at the engagement summaries from Phase 1Phase 2 and Phase 3. A Frequently Asked Questions document has also been updated based on questions received during Phase 3 and it can be viewed HERE.


Feedback from the first phase of engagement was used to inform the preparation of the draft development concept for the site. Feedback from the second phase of engagement was used to develop the final draft of the development concept for the site. As part of the third phase of engagement, we want to hear your feedback to help us finalize the concept.


Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

There are no upcoming engagement opportunities at this time.


Completed Engagement Opportunities

Online Survey - CONCLUDED

An online survey will be live from April 14 to 28, 2021 at


Virtual Community Session - CONCLUDED (April 13, 2021 | 6-7:30pm)

Watch the recording here:

Online Survey - CONCLUDED

An online survey will be live from February 24 through to March 10, 2021 at


Virtual Community Session - CONCLUDED (February 23, 2021 | 6-7:30pm)

Watch the recording here:


Online Survey - CONCLUDED

An online survey will be live from January 15 through to January 31, 2021 at


Virtual Community Session - CONCLUDED (January 14, 2021 | 6-7:30pm)

Watch the recording here:

For more information about the project or upcoming engagement opportunities, please contact Amanda Kaiser, ISL Community Engagement Manager at or 403-354-0551.