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Information for New Residents & Businesses

Coaldale handles its solid waste disposal through a curbside garbage, recycling & composting pick-up service. Each residence is assigned one large black garbage container for garbage, one large blue recycling container for recycling, and one large green container for composting.

  • Please be aware of the 250lb weight limit when filling your bins to avoid your bin being passed over, especially with heavy compost bins.
  • All bins must be placed outside by 7:00am on pick-up days and no earlier than 5:00pm the evening before pick-up.
  • Garbage is taken to the City of Lethbridge’s landfill facility while the recycling is taken to the Crossfields processing facility. Composting is processed at a Taber facility.
  • Find more information about the nearest transfer station, located in the Town of Coaldale, including hours of operation, in this handy two-page information sheet.

To learn more about pickup schedules, pickup zones, rates, green waste and more, please view the detailed information below.


Detailed Information: