Solid Waste Collection - Garbage, Recycling & Composting

Town of Coaldale Solid Waste Wizard

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Coaldale handles its solid waste disposal through a curbside garbage, recycling & composting pick-up service. Each household is assigned one large black garbage container for garbage, one large blue recycling container for recycling, and one large green container for composting.

Proper Bin Display:

In accordance with the Town of Coaldale’s Solid Waste Bylaw 791-R-11-20, bins must:    

  • Be located at least one (1) metre from any object on either side of the container;
  • Be located at least thirty (30) centimetres from any object behind the container;
  • Have an overhead clearance above the top of the automated collection container of three (3) metres;
  • Be placed in an upright position with the lid closed and the front of the container facing the street or alley.

Please be aware of the 250lb weight limit on your bins. If any of these requirements are violated or your bins exceed the weight limit, they may not be picked up. Materials that do not fit or are too heavy for bins can be taken to the nearest transfer station.

All bins must be placed outside by 7:00am on pick-up days and no earlier than 5:00pm the evening before pick-up.



  • Waste and recycling are taken to the City of Lethbridge’s processing facilities.
  • What goes in your blue bin? Find out how to sort your recycling in the Coaldale Curbside Recycling Printout or watch the City of Lethbridge's Sorting It Out video:



  • What goes in your green bin? Find out how to sort your compost with the Coaldale Curbside Composting Printout.
  • Coaldale’s compost is transported to a processing facility in Taber. Due to industry-wide changes, this facility no longer accepts plastic bags labeled as “compostable” or "biodegradable”, effective on January 1, 2021. To learn more, read the Curbside Composting FAQs and watch the Curbside Composting video:

  • For larger yard waste items that do not fit in the green bins, residents can pick up 3 free regional landfill coupons per year at the Town office to be used at the City of Lethbridge’s disposal sites. See more details listed below under “Green Waste & Spring Cleanup”. 


To learn more about pickup schedules, pickup zones, rates, green waste and more, please view the detailed information below.


Detailed Information: