Town Plan Review & Rewrite

After almost two years in development, the Town Plan has been approved. Substantial community feedback has helped shape the Plan, with approximately 1500 responses providing feedback through a dozen different engagement activities and events that were held over two phases. Most recently, nearly 500 unique responses were provided in the final round of engagement activities held this August. Feedback has been incorporated into the draft plan, which will go before Council again in October.  

Thank you to those who have contributed to shaping Coaldale's future! 

Town of Coaldale Town Plan

Public Hearing -

Public Hearing Presentation (October 13, 2020)

Town Plan Community Survey - CLOSED

The following community survey was designed to collect feedback on the draft of the Town Plan. Below is a snapshot of the Town Plan.

Town snapshot 1

Town Plan Snapshot

Background: Town Plan Review and Rewrite 

A Town Plan provides direction for future development and land use within a municipality. Town Plans are long-range plans that typically incorporate policies concerning land use, infrastructure, economic development, social objectives, environmental matters and financial analysis into a comprehensive document that acts as a framework for sound decision-making. A Town Plan defines the community’s vision and goals and outlines the policies and strategies that will be used by elected officials, administration, taxpayers and developers to achieve these goals. The information contained in this Town Plan will be used to ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to decision-making within Coaldale.

The Town’s current Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (recently re-named the “Town Plan”) is almost 20 years old. Coaldale has grown over the past two decades and is now at a pivotal point in its history. While our short-term achievements have helped solidify general growth areas and priority capital projects, there needs to be a plan for Coaldale’s longer-term aspirations.


Background on the Project Working Group

What do we want the community to be in the next 20 years?

An MDP (Town Plan) is the highest-level statutory document that guides a community’s growth and change. The Town’s needs to be rewritten to ensure Coaldale progresses in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, and reflective of the diverse perspectives of the community.

The Town Plan review and rewrite Project Charter and Public Participation Plan have been approved by Council.

As a part of the Public Participation Plan, a project working group was formed and consists of:

  • Up to 2 members of Town Council
  • Public Members of the Municipal Planning Commission
  • Public Members of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • 6 Members of the Community

The working group has been integral to the drafting of the plan and has provided invaluable input.

Please call or email if you want to know more about the project.

Phone: 403-345-1300