Firefighter Recruitment

NOW RECRUITING! Volunteer / Paid on-call firefighters

December 9, 2022 - January 31, 2023


Why Volunteer?

  • Belong to a team
  • Help your neighbours in their time of need
  • Build a sense of pride
  • Improve team building skills
  • Receive internationally accredited fire certificates
  • Learn and use life-saving medical skills
  • Volunteer firefighter Federal Tax Credit
  • Town of Coaldale Property Tax Credit
  • Town of Coaldale Business Tax Credit
  • Paid for calls & training 
  • Volunteer firefighter life insurance

Time Commitments:

  • 8-10 regular training hours / month
  • Training every Monday or Wednesday night from 1900-2131 hours
  • The first Monday of every month is Association Meeting Night
  • Holidays OFF
  • Train to NFPA 1001 Level 1, 140 hours
  • Fire courses occasional on weekends (Sat-Sun)
  • Calls as they come in; medical calls 0800-1700 are handled by on-duty crew
  • Public events

For more information, call 403-345-1330 or talk to one of our current members.