Town Council announces volunteer firefighter property tax rebate to volunteers

Council announces tax rebate to volunteers


Coaldale, Alberta (January 20, 2020): On Monday, January 20th, Coaldale Town Council alongside Coaldale Fire Chief Kevin McKeown announced the Town of Coaldale’s new volunteer firefighter personal tax rebate to volunteers in attendance at the weekly firefighter training night. 

Under the new framework, Coaldale’s volunteer firefighters will receive up to a $1000 a year property tax rebate from their residential tax bill. To be eligible for this initiative, a volunteer firefighter must own and occupy a home in Coaldale. To receive the full property tax rebate, a volunteer firefighter must log 129 or more hours of service per year. From there, the rebates will be calculated on a sliding scale.

“We see this as a key step in our volunteer recruitment and retention program.” said Coaldale and District Emergency Services Fire Chief Kevin McKeown. “This is a great way to tip our caps to our dedicated members, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this initiative.”

Members of the community who are interested in joining the program are encouraged to visit the Town’s Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment page at: