Coaldale Town Council Reflects on Term Full of Major Projects


2017 – 2021 Council coupled major infrastructure investments with bold measures to improve organisational efficiency

The 2017-2021 Council term has been a busy one for Coaldale, steered by the ambitious Strategic Plan that has guided key decisions for both Council and Administration over the past four years. The document, coupled with a commitment to finding new financial efficiencies in the Town’s operations, has led to significant growth of the business community to improve the Town’s long-term viability. 

The Strategic Plan was developed early in the term through significant public consultation and direction to staff and Council regarding the vision, priorities and strategies that have guided and continue to guide projects and processes undertaken over Council term.

“Looking back at the Strategic Plan we created at the beginning of the term, it’s invigorating to see that Council has exceeded many of its own tenants and expectations laid out in that document,” said Coaldale Mayor Kim Craig. “The Plan itself is a high-level representation of what Council sees as our priorities and is based on extensive and ongoing community input.”

The five primary areas of focus identified in the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan are as follows: Community Safety; Livability; Good Governance and Corporate Excellence; Economic Health; and Responsible and Responsive Growth. In the plan each area of focus is broken down into subcategories to emphasize more defined goals.

“The Strategic Plan is a living document that was updated in October 2020 to reflect new community interests and to adapt to changing realities,” said Mayor Craig. “The Plan is always considered to be evolving as we continue to shift our goals and progress throughout our Council term.”

Town Council and Administration are proud to review the progress that has been made over the past four years. Below are a few of the actions that took place or are taking place to provide a snapshot of the progress and implementation of projects that align with the Strategic Plan:

  1. Focus on Community Safety:
    • Completion of $4.5 M Firehall Renovation/Expansion project;
    • Overhaul of Community Peace Officer program following
  2. Focus on Livability
    • In collaboration with Palliser School Division, a joint High School / Multi-use Recreation project will be constructed in Coaldale;
    • Acquisition and deployment of a new street sweeper and 3-in-1 sander, salter and snow plow;
  3. Focus on Good Governance and Corporate Excellence
    • A focus on improving efficiencies allowed for a 0% residential tax increase for 3 consecutive years and 0% non-residential tax increase for 2 consecutive years;
    • Two-time consecutive winner of Financial Reporting award.
  4. Focus on Economic Health
    • Construction of 20,000 square foot multi-purpose Civic Square commercial office project;
    • Investment in core infrastructure, capital projects and growth-stimulating measures to help existing businesses;
  5. Focus on Responsible and Responsive Growth
    • Funding secured – land acquisition and design underway – for Phase 2(b) of the Malloy Drain stormwater infrastructure project;
    • Construction of Phase 4 of the Town’s Northeast Industrial park – which is already nearly sold out – to support the growth of Coaldale’s business community and to provide local employment opportunities for residents.

A more comprehensive review of the plan and a list of achievements can be found on the Town’s website at You can also pick up a hard copy at the Town office at 1920 - 17th Street.

“This recap offers a glimpse into how Council and administration have been able to stay true to our Strategic Plan,” said Mayor Craig. “The success of the Plan can be attributed to the cohesion between Council and administration in terms of delivering on expectations and working towards a common goal. We’ve kept up an exhausting pace over the course of the term, and the  outcomes really speak for themselves.”