Coaldale Chamber of Commerce and Town of Coaldale Work Together to Support Coaldale’s Growing Business Community


Expanded dialogue between Town and Chamber an opportunity for Coaldale’s thriving business community

The Town of Coaldale is a proud partner of the Coaldale Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, Town Council and administration have invested heavily into expanding the local business community, and – with the help of the Chamber – are committed to attracting even more growth to Coaldale.

“One of the Town’s many ambitious goals over the past four years has been to attract growth and expand our local business community,” said Cam Mills, Manager of Economic Development at the Town of Coaldale. “From 2015 to 2020, Coaldale’s non-residential tax base has grown by a combined 72% due in large part to a number of strategic investments made by Council and administration, combined with our commitment to competitive tax rates. We look forward to working closely with the Coaldale Chamber to continue building on this momentum and continuing to make Coaldale an attractive location for business investment.”

“Projects like the pathways expansion, the upcoming new school and rec centre, and upgrades to our downtown and industrial park are key to cultivating the most positive experience possible in terms of attracting businesses, residents, and visitors to Coaldale.” said René van de Vendel, President of the Coaldale Chamber of Commerce. “On behalf of the Chamber, we recognize and applaud the hard work the Town has put in to bring projects such as these to life. We look forward to many more years of working together with the Town for the benefit of Coaldale businesses and residents.”

The Coaldale Chamber of Commerce was formed to improve the economic, industrial and civic life of the community through the development and promotion of free enterprise. 

“The Chamber acts as a voice that advocates for the needs of the business community in Coaldale,” said van de Vendel. “We encourage all local business to take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities that coincide with becoming a member.”

“The Chamber is a valuable resource for the Town as they give us the opportunity to streamline communication between business and government and work together to achieve a common goal,” said Mills. “It’s not always possible to talk to every business directly, so the Chamber does great work in terms of giving us a medium to speak to a large segment of our businesses. We’re also looking forward to partnering with the Chamber this summer to see what types of programming or events we can host in our downtown once the provincial reopening plan moves forward.”

To learn more about the Coaldale Chamber of Commerce, visit their website.