Town of Coaldale Workplace Culture Audit


Please be aware that Town Council has engaged a consultant to conduct a Workplace Culture Audit, which will be taking place between now and December 4th, 2020. Council has focused on ensuring a culture of accountability and workplace engagement and wants to act proactively to determine areas of strength around organizational culture, but also to assess if there are any areas of opportunity/concern.

The purpose of this Audit is to get an independent assessment about the overall workplace culture at the Town of Coaldale.

The Audit will be conducted by Ms. Cheryl Yingst Bartel, a Mediator with Yingst Bartel ADR Inc. As part of the Audit, Ms. Yingst Bartel will be meeting with former employees who worked at any time from January 1, 2015 to October 31, 2020, who wish to discuss their histories and experiences while working for Coaldale as they relate to assessing Coaldale’s workplace culture.

If former employees wish to participate, please contact Ms. Yingst Bartel this week directly by email at The deadline for contacting Ms. Yingst Bartel will be November 17, 2020.