Town of Coaldale Gateways and Corridors Project Brings Visual Enhancements to Main Street


The Town of Coaldale is pleased to provide an update to the gateways and corridors project. This project was developed in alignment with the Main Street revitalization project and is intended to promote economic vitality within the downtown core. The vision was developed in spring of 2018 through an engagement process that ultimately guided the landscaping designs.

There were four sites that had been identified along Highway 3 as key entrance points into Coaldale and into the newly revitalized Main Street. These sites were selected to be visually enhanced by introducing trees, vegetation, groundcover and wayfinding signage. The upgrades will also include stormwater drainage enhancements, creating not only an attractive but also a functional entrance into downtown. 

“The gateways and corridors project is a part of a larger strategy to revitalize and support the downtown as the heart of the community,” said Spencer Croil, Director of Planning and Community Development. “Main Street is one of Coaldale’s special and memorable places, and the visual appeal of the access to this area is a priority in attracting visitors into the downtown.”

The landscaping designs were carefully selected based on recommendations from the Oldman Watershed Council’s Prairie Urban Garden guidelines, which suggests a number of native plants that are low maintenance, drought tolerant, and likely to thrive in Southern Alberta’s climate. The new plants will also maintain visibility for vehicles traveling on the highway with a colour palette to evoke feelings of peace and serenity. 

“Landscaping enhancements are a simple and effective way to add finishing touches to the Main Street revitalization project,” said Croil. “Once completed, the enhancements will create inviting scenery into Main Street and the surrounding area and cultivate the most positive experience possible for business owners, residents, and visitors alike.”