Town of Coaldale Engages with Recreation Facility User Groups on Operating Under Provincial Covid-19 Regulations


User groups and program providers to have final say on how to proceed with programming


At the September 17, 2021 Special Council Meeting, Coaldale Town Council discussed the implications of provincial covid-19 regulations on operating the Town’s recreational facilities.

“Administration has been working in close collaboration with our program providers to navigate the new covid protocols from the province,” said Russ Tanner, Director of Recreation and Community Services at the Town of Coaldale. “The approach we’ve taken is to let the user groups decide how they would like to operate; as staff we’re prepared to accommodate both options regardless of their decision.”

Town staff will adjust operations based on the decisions of the user groups and will focus on ensuring the health and safety of the community.

“We appreciate the community’s cooperation as we navigate these new challenges in compliance with the province,” said Tanner. “We will adapt quickly to the decisions made by the user groups so we can continue to operate with minimal disruption to the programming.”