Provincial Performance Measurement Tool Shows Town of Coaldale Exceeding All Targets


Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA) has introduced a performance measurement tool to provide the public with clear information pertaining to their municipality’s key financial, governance, and community health indicators. The Town of Coaldale is proud to announce that it is exceeding all performance targets as outlined in the province’s public analysis.

AMA uses 13 financial and governance risk indicators that were developed in consultation with stakeholders and professionals in finance and governance to sustain municipal viability and to ensure that municipalities are operated in a responsible and accountable way. Within each of these categories, AMA provides targets that municipalities are expected to meet to meet or exceed. 

“This tool is one more external resource that clearly shows the Town’s success in terms of its financial management and governance,” said Cameron Mills, Manager of Economic Development at the Town of Coaldale. “It also does a great job highlighting our continued economic growth, which has been a strategic priority for our organization”. 

“Council’s strategic vision for the Town aligns with many of the provincial indicators including good governance and corporate excellence, economic health, and responsible and responsive growth,” said Town of Coaldale Mayor Kim Craig. “This report from the province is a valuable form of measurement that not only holds us accountable for our actions but more importantly validates the work that Council is doing for the people of this community.”

The provincial performance measurement tool can be found on the Alberta Government’s website -