Active Speed Signs To Be Installed In Coaldale


The Town of Coaldale will be installing a TraffiCalm Sign System to monitor and educate drivers about the speed of vehicles throughout the community. The TraffiCalm System are active speed signs, showing drivers their speed while on roads throughout the community. These interactive signs will show motorists if they are speeding or following the posted speed limits. The signs will collect daily data allowing for analysis and research for further use. The signs are not automated traffic enforcement (photo radar) signs.

The signs will be installed in Coaldale neighborhoods and will not be put in a permanent place. The signs will be moved throughout the town on a rotating basis, allowing for as much data feedback as possible. The signs will be placed in a metal sleeve and be locked into place so only those with authority can move it. When the sign is not located in your neighborhood, the metal sleeve will have a cover placed over it and will not interfere with any yard maintenance required on your property.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding these signs please call 1-844-645-2635.