Wayfinding Strategy Pilot Project

What is Wayfinding? Wayfinding is how people orient themselves in a physical space and navigate from place to place. Wayfinding is more than just signs - it involves street names, walking times, landmarks, business directories, accessible points-of-entry and maps. The key objective of the wayfinding pilot is to provide a user-friendly, accessible, and predictable system. 

The Town has taken a phased approach to the wayfinding strategy, and the first phase is nearly complete. 

wayfinding project timeline

Following the installation, the Town will evaluate the Trails and Pathways and Main Street Directory pilot projects.  


About the Strategy 

The Wayfinding Strategy is Coaldale's new standard for pedestrian navigation. Three pillars ground the wayfinding strategy, including: 

  1. Ease of Navigation: The Town's pathway network has undergone significant expansion throughout 2020. In order to simplify navigational choices, wayfinding signage has been placed strategically at decision points along pathway routes.
  2. Accessibility: The strategy's focus is to identify and prioritize safe and accessible routes for individuals with greater needs and define the strategy through inclusive design principles.
  3. Economic Growth: The Main Street Revitalization project's recent completion has provided several value-adding improvements to the Main Street corridor. The wayfinding strategy aims to highlight businesses on Main Street and within the surrounding area. 

Designing an Effective Wayfinding System

Key features of the Wayfinding Strategy include:

  • Use of colour contrast to enhance the legibility for all, including optimization for individuals with varying levels of colour blindness. 

  • Use of typography to enhance the visual appeal and readability of the wayfinding signage at appropriate distances. 

  • Illustrations such as mapping, accessible routes, pathways and sidewalk connectors all act as visual cues. 

  • A consistent theme to help users recognize wayfinding signage as a familiar type of signage in Town.  

Overview of Map Style 


Pathways Wayfinding Map


Main Street Wayfinding Map


Community Engagement

Throughout the project there will be opportunities for users to engage in improving the signage system. Engagement opportunities will include: 

  • Online survey available HERE 
  • Main Street Pilot Working Group
  • Intercept surveys