Town of Coaldale HR Culture Audit Report



The full HR Culture Audit report is available HERE.


Statement from Council regarding the completion of the independent HR Culture Audit of the Town of Coaldale organization:

We as a Council undertook this process in good faith notwithstanding the fact that we supported (and continue to support) our Town manager and staff. It was our belief that an investigation would prove decisively the quality of leadership and the strong performance culture that Mr. Hastings has been building.

The report finds the workplace is not toxic, and in fact recognizes the quality of leadership provided by Mr. Hastings and the calibre of employees the Town has been able to attract. In fact the most significant risk to morale that the report identified was the impact of the misrepresentation of the working conditions in social media. From the report:

“The misrepresentation that was occurring in the media was described by these employees on a spectrum from frustrating to offensive. The social media negativity is causing considerable stress to the employees at the Town.”

There are a number of useful recommendations made. These recommendations had already been identified by management as process gaps and there were plans in place to address prior to this report being commissioned. As relates to the shop, the culture is improving and will continue to be an area of focus.

The process allowed every current employee to participate and was also open to past employees of the Town for the past five years who complied with the timelines, and 33 people complied with those.

We fully support any employee now and in the future who wants to utilize any of our processes (grievance, complaint or otherwise) in relation to any concerns whatsoever regarding their employment, but will not in any circumstances entertain further allegations from past employees. 

Based on this positive report reinforcing our collaborative culture, as well as the clear feedback on the impact of unfounded attacks on the stress of Town Staff, we are unanimous and unequivocal as a Council that we will not tolerate any further unfounded allegations of misconduct or impropriety against anyone associated with the Town. Further, we will take strong and decisive legal action on any such defamatory actions moving forward.

We as a Council believe this independent process disposes decisively of any leadership allegations or concerns contained within the municipal Inspection request. We remain firm in our view that there is no grounds to proceed with a municipal inspection and that doing so would be an abuse of the formal inspection process. In light of the positive results from this report it is clear that revisiting these matters under the provincial inspection regime would be a highly inappropriate use of employee time and taxpayer resources.