Coaldale & District Municipal Enforcement

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File a complaint electronically or call the complaint line at 1-844-645-2635

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Mission Statement

Our Community Peace officers are committed to consistent, impartial, and professional community-focused statute and bylaw enforcement. Their focus is to watch over the community and ensure that all provincial statutes and municipal bylaws are followed, updated and explained. It is their sworn duty to make sure that their actions are based on and consistent with the vision, values, and priorities determined by all municipalities

As of January 1, 2019, the Joint Community Peace Officer program only includes the Town of Coaldale. Residents of Barons, Picture Butte, and Coalhurst should contact their respective municipal officers for bylaw enforcement.

Municipal Enforcement Objectives

  • Community Education
  • Municipal Bylaw Enforcement
  • Agency Collaboration
  • Provincial Statutes Enforcement
  • Ongoing Development and Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

Filing a Complaint

You can file a complaint in one of two ways:

  1. Call the complaint line at 1-844-645-2635
  2. Use the online Complaint Form
  3. For after hours animal-related complaints, please call 587-394-5772