Gateways & Corridors Strategy

Here you will find up-to-date information regarding the project. There are also a number of helpful resources such as examples of other gateways and corridors strategic documents, and links to other types of documents and imagery that relate to the project.


General Information


What are gateways and corridors?


  • A gateway is a particular part of a community where people enter an area that may be considered special.
  • For instance, for people entering Coaldale from Highway 3, Highway 845 or 20th Street (east of Coaldale), each of those entrances is considered a gateway to the community.
  • Within Coaldale, an example of a gateway is the intersection of Highway 845 and 20th Avenue. This area is the start of Coaldale’s main street (a special place to the community).


  • A corridor is usually a street or road that represents a special function or is a special place for the community.
  • For instance, the highways and roads leading into Coaldale such as Highway 845 and Highway 3, and 20th Street (east of Coaldale) are all key corridors that lead into and through Coaldale.
  • Within Coaldale, main street east of Highway 845 is a corridor and a special place to the community.

Why is the Town undertaking a Gateways and Corridors Strategy?

Given the significance of Coaldale’s gateways and corridors, the strategy is an effort to formalize the thoughts and ideas that the community’s residents, businesses and organizations have with regards to how to enhance the visual appeal of these areas in order that these backdrops to Coaldale may be as enjoyable and attractive as possible.


Public Engagement Opportunities and Outcomes


1. Project Kick-Off/Community Workshop-December 2017 (COMPLETED)

2. Stakeholder Focus Groups- January to March 2018 (COMPLETED)

  • Stakeholder focus group opportunities will be extended to the community as a whole, and to specific groups with an interest in the gateways and corridors. For instance, Coaldale’s Chamber of Commerce will be invited to a focus group session, Agencies and organizations represented in the gateways and corridors will be invited to a focus group session, such as Alberta Transportation and CP Rail.
  • Focus group formats allow for a maximum of around 20 participants per facilitator, so please sign up early.

3. Wrap-Up Community Workshops- March and April 2018 (COMPLETED) 

These workshops will be an opportunity to bring all of the ideas that have been shared back to the community for a discussion regarding which ideas should be priorities for the immediate future, and which should be long term goals.

4. Presentation of Draft Strategy to the Community - May to June 2018 (COMPLETED)

  • As a final step before Town Council considers approval of the Gateways and Corridors Strategy, the draft strategy will be presented to the community online and at an open house.
  • Outside of formal engagement efforts, you are always welcome to call, email or stop by the Town office to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Gateways and Corridors Strategic Plan – September 2018


Background Information


Examples from other jurisdictions:


Project Timeline


How long will the project take?

The intent with the Gateways and Corridors Strategy is to create a plan with time-based actions that can be achieved as soon as the summer of 2018, and as far into the future as it takes for the complete vision for Coaldale’s Gateways and Corridors to be achieved.