Seasonal Information

Tree Maintenance

The Town of Coaldale handles the maintenance of trees in parks, recreation areas and along town roads throughout the year. Residents are encouraged to keep their own trees healthy in order to protect the overall health of trees throughout our community.

Spring is a great time to check your trees to ensure they are getting the proper water, nutrients and air in order to maintain their health. Our Town Arborist encourages residents to mulch the root zone to keep roots moist and cool. Mulching will also help inhibit weed growth.

If you are not seeing new growth on trees, visit a landscaping or nursery and pick up some tree and shrub fertilizer. Trees also need air in order to grow and won’t do well in hard compacted soil. If you’re planning to plant new trees, work in some organic matter such a peat moss or compost from your garden composter. Mix it in with the soil before planting your tree.

Pruning is also an important step to keep your trees healthy and can help prolong its life span if done properly.

To learn more about how to properly prune your tree, click here.

Winter Composting Pickup Schedule

In order to accommodate yard waste, the composting carts will be picked up weekly from March 1 until November 30. Through December to February, the composting carts will be picked up bi-weekly.