Recycling & Compost


Recycling is now taken to the 2Point0's processing facility, located right here in Coaldale at 930 11 Ave.

What goes in your blue bin? Find out how to sort your recycling in the Coaldale Curbside Recycling Printout.


What goes in your green bin? Find out how to sort your compost with the Coaldale Curbside Composting Printout.

For larger yard waste items that do not fit in the green bins, residents can pick up 3 free landfill coupons per year at the Town office to be used at the City of Lethbridge’s disposal sites. See more details listed in the General Information section under "Coupon Vouchers." 

Coaldale’s compost is transported to a processing facility in Taber. Due to industry-wide changes, this facility no longer accepts plastic bags labeled as “compostable” or "biodegradable". ALL BAGS MUST BE 100% PAPER OR FIBRE MATERIALS. To learn more, read the Curbside Composting FAQs and watch the Curbside Composting video: