General Information

Coaldale handles its solid waste disposal through a curbside garbage, recycling & composting pickup service. Each household is assigned one large black garbage container for garbage, one large blue recycling container for recycling, and one large green container for composting.

All bins must be placed outside by 7:00am on pick-up days and no earlier than 5:00pm the evening before pickup.

    Pick-Up Schedules & Map

    In order to confirm your pick-up schedule, please refer to the pick-up map and 2023 calendar or download the Town of Coaldale Solid Waste Wizard app. 

    Proper Bin Display

    In accordance with the Town of Coaldale’s Solid Waste Bylaw 791-R-11-20 , bins must:    

    • Be located at least one (1) metre from any object on either side of the container;
    • Be located at least thirty (30) centimetres from any object behind the container;
    • Have an overhead clearance above the top of the automated collection container of three (3) metres;
    • Be placed in an upright position with the lid closed and the front of the container facing the street or alley.

    Please be aware of the 250lb weight limit on your bins. If any of these requirements are violated or your bins exceed the weight limit, they may not be picked up. Materials that do not fit or are too heavy for bins can be taken to the nearest transfer station.

    Rates & Fees

    • Residential: $29.50/month, one (1) pickup per week
    • Commercial: $59.15/month, includes two (2) pickups per week, with additional pickups at a cost of $26.25 per additional garbage pickup and $13.00 for additional recycling pick-up.

    Coupon Vouchers

    In lieu of traditional spring cleanup services, the Town has initiated a coupon voucher system to help offset the cost to dispose of additional waste. Instead of having Town crews collect waste from alleys once per year—a program which proved to be both time consuming and costly, unsightly and prone to unforeseen weather delays — the Town has purchased landfill coupons/tokens to cover the City of Lethbridge’s disposal fees.

    These coupons can be used by residents to dispose of additional waste that typically follows spring cleanup, household renovations, and other “deep cleans.” Common items that are taken to landfills include old furniture, scraps of lumber, household garbage, demolition materials from home renovations, broken up concrete, and the like. The goal of this program is to make spring cleanup and other residential maintenance more convenient and affordable for residents. Additionally, the coupon service can be utilized year round, so home renovations do not have to coincide with an annual, and at times unpredictable, cleanup schedule.