Coaldale uses a passive sewer treatment system to handle its wastewater needs. Over a series of lagoons, or “cells,” wastewater is gradually processed, treated, tested and released back into the local river system. Throughout this process, oxygen is pumped into each cell, feeding the organisms that destroy bacteria. A treatment cycle lasts 43 days and avoids the use of chemicals which over time can disrupt local ecosystems.

Recently, the Town purchased and installed a series of windmills that power the pumps circulating oxygen into the wastewater holding cells.

The current per cubic metre fees for wastewater disposal are as follows:

Residential and Commercial

  • $29.64/month + $1.063 per cubic metre (based on the average water consumption of the winter months)

Storm Drainage

  • $9.95/month

For useful tips and suggestions on drainage issues, review the two-page document How to Keep Your Basement Dry .

E-bill Service

The Town of Coaldale Utilities Department offers an e-bill service for Town utilities. To sign up for e-billing please fill in the e-bill service agreement form and return it to the Town office or email it to Customers can also phone the Town Office at 403-345-1300 and sign up. Please have either your account number or address ready when calling.

The Town Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

2023 Utility Rates

Solid Waste Bylaw

For payment options available, please click on the link below:

Payment Options