Taxation and Assessment

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Property Tax Payment Information

Property Taxes are due on June 30, 2019 unless you are on TIPP, the Tax Installment Payment Plan. Payments can be made in the following ways:

Town Office: Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit payment during business hours, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Drop box is available at the front door, 1920-17 Street. All cheques must be payable to the Town of Coaldale. Cheques are considered conditional payment until honoured. Penalities will apply for any dishonoured payment. All payments will be applied firstly to arrears of taxes and secondly to current taxes.

Financial Institutions, Online and/or Telephone Banking: Payment can be made at most chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions and Alberta Treasury Branches. Payments are made in-person, via the telephone or if you have internet access, you can pay your bill online. From your financial institution’s online banking site, locate the Town of Coaldale(taxes) as the payee and your tax roll number will be the account number. Please note that it will take up to three business days to process these type of payments. Plan your payment accordingly to meet any deadlines.

Post-dated Cheques: Cheques must be dated on or before June 30 to avoid tax penalties.

Mail: Mail payment to the Town of Coaldale, 1920-17 Street, Coaldale, AB, T1M 1M1. The effective date of payment will be the date of the postmark by Canada Post. If this is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual date of receipt by the Town of Coaldale. The imprint of a postage meter is not acceptable proof of the date of mailing.

TIPP-Tax Installment Payment Plan: Monthly penalty-exempt pre-authorized property tax payment plans are available. Persons using this plan make 12 equal monthly payments instead of one annual lump sum payment on the tax due date. Applications are accepted for the the TIPP program up to and including May 31 of each year. For additional information please contact the Tax Specialist at 403-345-1317.

Here you’ll find information on municipal property assessment and taxation in the Town of Coaldale, including assessment rules and procedures, downloadable forms and contact information.

The Basics:

  • The Town of Coaldale sets its residential and commercial mill rate each spring;
  • Tax notices are mailed out before the end of May;
  • Taxes are due on June 29 and can be paid monthly using our Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP);
  • If your address changes, please fill out the Change of Address Form and let us know.
  • Non-receipt of your property tax bill does not exempt you from late payment penalties. If you have not received your property tax bill please phone the Town Office at 403-345-1300.
  • When you purchase a property, adjustments for taxes are made between the vendor and purchaser.

Have questions? CLICK HERE to check out the 2018 Tax Brochure for more information.

Please contact the Town office at 403-345-1300 with questions about your property taxes.

How we determine what you owe:

The amount you pay in property tax is determined by two primary factors: property assessment and mill rate.

  • Property assessment, simply defined, is the determination of the market value of a residential or commercial property. The Government of Alberta mandates that an independent, registered and impartial firm determine the assessment value of a property. The Town of Coaldale has no role in the process or determination of a property’s assessment.
  • The mill rate is defined by the amount of tax owed per (one) thousand dollars of property value. Once the market value of a property is established, a mill rate is applied to that property’s assessment to determine what is owed in taxes each year. In Coaldale, as with most other municipalities, there is a separate mill rate for residential and commercial properties.

Coaldale’s Mill Rate (including provincial Mill Rate)

2017 2018
Residential 10.6145 10.8046
Commercial 13.9959 14.3190

Here are a few examples to help demonstrate how this formula works:

  • Using the combined 2018 residential and provincial mill rate above, if your property is worth $1,000 you would owe $10.80 in taxes for the year.
  • On a larger scale, if a piece of property were assessed at $220,000 — with a combined municipal and provincial mill rate of 10.8046 per every thousand dollars of value — the owners of that property would owe approximately $2,377.01 in taxes that year.  Broadening this scenario, if a homeowner decided to upgrade and renovate his/her home such that the property value increased from $220,000 to $265,000, applying the same mill rate of 10.8046 would increase the taxes owing on the property to $2,863.22.
  • Commercial properties have a higher mill rate because they are properties that generate revenue.

Because of this projection, it’s important to note that municipalities establish the mill rate and not the assessment value.  As such, it is possible for your tax bill to fluctuate without any changes to the mill rate at all; large swings in property value can play a significant part in your annual tax share.  In some years, tax increases are a combination of an increase to the mill rate AND a higher property value.

2018 Mill Rate Bylaw

Breaking down your tax notice:

Not only does the Town collect taxes for Coaldale’s revenue, but the Town is legislated to collect additional taxes on behalf of the Government of Alberta. In addition to the municipal portion, the Town collects a levy for Education, Green Acres Foundation and Family and Community Support Services- FCSS. The taxes owed from these levies are not subject to control or review by the Town of Coaldale; the proportion a taxpayer owes to each category is based upon a separate mill rate established by the Province that the Town collects on the Government of Alberta’s behalf.

Provincial Mill Rate (Residential)

Provincial mill rate Total revenue (Coaldale) Percentage of your tax bill
Education 2.4537 $2,055,075 22.72%
FCSS 0.0653 $52,693 0.59%
Green Acres 0.1338 $107,883 1..19%
Total 2.6528/1000 dollars $2,215,651 24.50%

Provincial Mill Rate (Commercial)

Provincial mill rate Total revenue (Coaldale) Percentage of your tax bill
Education 3.4654 $348,700 24.10%
FCSS 0.0653 $8,614 0.59%
Green Acres 0.1338 $17,635 1.22%
Total 3.6685/1000 dollars $374,949 25.91%

Total Breakdown

(Coaldale Mill Rate + Provincial Mill Rate

Respective mill rates Total revenue (Coaldale) Percentage of your tax bill
Provincial requisitions-Residential 2.6528 $2,215,651 24.5%
Town of Coaldale-Residential 8.1518 $6,828,143 75.50%
Provincial requisitions-Commercial 3.6685 $374,949 25.91%
Town of Coaldale-Commercial 10.6505 $1,072,100 74.09%
 Total Residential  10.8046  Total Commercial  14.3190

Of the $10.5 million or so collected in tax revenue by the Town in 2018, about $2.6 million is transferred to the province as part of its education and social services levy.

To put this in perspective: if a Coaldale homeowner pays $2,700 per year in taxes, 24.5 per cent of that amount ($661.50) goes to the province. This leaves only $2,038.50 for Coaldale, funds used to deliver key municipal programs and services including: policing and emergency services; snow removal and garbage collection; recreational facilities and parks; road and sidewalk repairs; stormwater management; and the handling and treatment of raw sewage.

For more information about your property assessment, contact Benchmark Assessments at 403-381-0535. Also be sure to review the Town’s handy document, Answers About Your Property Assessment.

Assessment Complaints

Residents owning a residence or business in Alberta can register an assessment complaint should they deem an assessment unfair. Information about taxes and the assessment appeal process is available at the Alberta Municipal Affairs Website. Click here to download the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization form. Have a complaint?  Download the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. For agencies requiring tax information download the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form.

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

For information about the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, contact Alberta Supports Contract Centre toll free at 1-877-644-9992. Information can also be found online at or CLICK HERE

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

The Town of Coaldale’s Tax Installment Payment Plan, also known as TIPP, allows Town residents to pay their property taxes in monthly installments by pre-authorized transfer of funds from their bank account, rather than in one single tax payment. Find all you need to know about TIPP, including an application form, by downloading the Coaldale TIPP document.

School Support Declarations

If you wish to declare your support for a particular school board, you can print out the following form and submit it to the Town of Coaldale.

School Support Notice

For additional information please Contact the Town of Coaldale.