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What’s New: Coaldale Community Standards Bylaw

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Coaldale & District Municipal Enforcement

Mission Statement Our Community Peace officers are committed to consistent, impartial, and professional community focused statute and bylaw enforcement.  Their focus is to watch over the community and ensure that all provincial statutes and municipal bylaws are followed, updated and explained.  It is their sworn duty to make sure that their actions are based on and consistent with the vision, values, and priorities determined by all municipalities

As of January 1, 2019 the Joint Community Peace Officer program involves the towns of Coaldale and Picture Butte. Residents of Barons and Coalhurst should contact their respective municipal officers for bylaw enforcement.

The objectives:

  • Community Education
  • Municipal Bylaw enforcement
  • Agency Collaboration
  • Provincial Statutes Enforcement
  • Ongoing Development and Accountability

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Kristina Colley, CPO Level 1, Team Lead •

Bryce Easingwood, CPO Level 1 •

Tyson Lommerts, CPO Level 1 •

The CPO office is located in the fire hall at 1507-20 Avenue Coaldale

Phone: 1-844-645-2635

Mail: 1920 17 Street Coaldale, AB  T1M 1M1

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School Resource Officer

Jerry Gurr, CPO 1 School Resource Officer • Phone: 403-635-0751 •

The School Resource Officer (SRO) works with local schools and Coaldale RCMP to provide community awareness, crime prevention and community relations to the students of Coaldale schools.

Filing a complaint

 You can file a complaint 3 easy ways.

  1. Call the complaint line at 1-844-645-2635
  2. Use the online Complaint Form
  3. Fill out the Printable Complaint Form and drop off at the Town Office located at 1920 17th Street.

Automated Traffic Enforcement (Photo Radar)

Barry Leith, CPO Level II

The Town of Coaldale uses automated traffic enforcement to enhance traffic safety in our community.

For more information on this program please CLICK HERE.


Animal Control

Looking for a lost dog? Any dogs picked up by Coaldale & District Municipal Enforcement are posted – HERE

Dog Enforcement Information

Dog control bylaw

Domestic animal bylaw

Barking complaint report form

Dog license application

For a more detailed listing of Town of Coaldale bylaws, CLICK HERE

Town of Coaldale Community Safety Advisory Committee

The Town of Coaldale has a Community Safety Advisory Committee, who’s purpose is to discuss ideas and potential initiatives that heighten public safety in Coaldale.  The committee will then translate these discussions into recommendations for Council consideration.

Its mandate is to encourage greater public safety by focusing on three areas:

  1. Traffic Safety
  2. Municipal bylaw compliance
  3. Public Education

To contact the Community Safety Advisory Committee email

The Community Safety Committee members include:

Clayton Rutberg, Deputy Fire Chief of Public Safety

Jacen Abrey, Councillor

Briane Simpson, Councillor

Bill Chapman, Councillor (Alternate)

Staff Sgt. G. Henry

Kristina Colley


Citizen appointments:

Sherrie Duda

Bill Kaye

Alison Mackisey

Blair Takahashi

Jack Van Rijn

Traffic Safety

Speed Signs- Driver feedback signs

2019 Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar

 Alberta Traffic Safety Act