Subdivision Information and Application

Applying for a subdivision in Coaldale

To apply for a subdivision in the Town of Coaldale, a completed application, including fees, must be submitted to the Planning and Development department. Applications that are received will be reviewed and a determination will be made as to whether they are complete. The Town has 20 days to determine whether or not an application is complete. However, if all reasonable steps have been taken by an application to ensure it is complete as per the application requirements, the Town will endeavor to determine whether or not it is complete in a much shorter timeline. 

Please contact the Town ahead of making an application

Contacting a member of the Planning and Development team prior to making an application for subdivision is strongly recommended. This allows for a department representative to review and provide guidance on a potential subdivision and may help to avoid changes further along in the application process. 

Subdivision Application Package

Information required for an application

At a minimum, the following information is always required as a part of a complete subdivision application:

  • A completed application form

  • A current copy of the certificate of title

  • A sketch of the proposed subdivision completed by an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS)

  • An Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) abandoned well information map (the map can be completed here:

Other information may be required depending on the parcel(s) that are proposed to be subdivided. Examples of other information that may be needed includes but is not limited to soils analysis, geotechnical reports, concept plans, Area Structure Plans, and so on.

Subdivision application fees and timelines

The timelines associated with a subdivision application are provincially legislated. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Subdivision and Development Regulations (link) legislate the following:

Once an application is submitted: 20 days for the subdivision authority to determine whether the application is complete. Please note, as indicated above, if an applicant takes all reasonable steps to ensure an application is complete as per the application requirements, the Town will endeavour to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete this step of the process. 

Circulation of application (before decision): 19 days if mailed directly to surrounding property owners and relevant agencies (utility companies, telecommunications companies, irrigation districts, school divisions, provincial ministerial representatives, and so on)

Decision on the application: The Town's subdivision authority has 60 days to make a decision on a completed application. If more time is required the applicant may agree to a time extension that allows for more than 60 days. Subdivision applications are decided on by the Town's Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). This is the same body that makes decisions on certain Development Permit applications. The MPC meets on the second Wednesday of each month and may, if requested (and accompanied by a special meeting fee) meet sooner should an application desire more expedient timelines. 

Once a decision is made: Unlike development permit applications that are decided on by the MPC, subdivision decisions cannot be appealed by surrounding landowners. Government departments, school boards, or the applicant, are the only parties that can appeal a subdivision decision. An appeal of a subdivision decision must be made within 21 days of the decision by the MPC and must be accompanied by the required appeal fee. If an appeal is filed against a decision the appeal hearing must be held within 30 days of receiving the appeal. 

Finalizing an approved subdivision: the finalization process typically requires that the applicant obtain the services of an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) and completes any other conditions of approval, such as entering into a development agreement with the municipality, completing the necessary paperwork to grant any easements or rights-of-way to utilities or other agencies with an interest in the land to be subdivided, and paying final endorsement fees. The timelines associated with finalizing an approved subdivision are almost entirely dependent on the applicant and their contracted services providers. 

Subdivision fees: 

  1. Application fee: $710 (to be paid when the application is submitted)
  2. Per lot fee: $330 (to be paid when the application is submitted)
  3. Per lot endorsement fee: $205 (to be paid on an approved subdivision as a part of the finalization process)

Appealing a decision:

Should a government department, school board, or applicant wish to file an appeal against the decision on a subdivision application, the appellant must provide a dated and signed written submission that clearly indicates the reason for the appeal, and must also provide the appeal fee. 

Appeal fee: $300