Planning & Development Information

The Town of Coaldale is responsible for delivering a wide range of core municipal services to community residents. The Planning & Development Department provides a full range of current and long-range planning services.

Directory of Planning and Development Policies:

Here you can find a directory of all approved policies of the Town of Coaldale which relate to planning and development.

Subdivision Information and Application:

Click here for more information on subdivision applications in the Town of Coaldale.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC):

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is a principal advisory committee to advise and decide on land use, planning, development and subdivision matters.

Development Statistics:

Click here to explore the development statistics in the Town of Coaldale over the past several years.

Annexation (2018):

Annexation is the process for a municipality to expand its boundaries in order to accommodate future growth. The Town of Coaldale’s annexation application was approved in April 2018.

MSI Funded Projects:

A number of projects throughout the Town of Coaldale have benefited from the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI), a grant program that provides both capital and operating dollars to our community. Click here to see which community projects have received MSI funding.

Coaldale GIS:

The public can access the GIS (geographic information system) for the Town of Coaldale. The GIS allows you to view boundaries, town services, property information, infrastructure, contours, land use and hydrography.