PAC: Police Advisory Committee

PAC: Police Advisory Committee

The PAC was formed in Coaldale when the RCMP took over policing of the community.

Meet our PAC members

PAC Objectives:

• Represent community interests and concerns.

• Assist in identifying local policing issues or emerging crime trends.

• Provide community feedback to the detachment commander on policing and public safety matters.

• Assist the detachment commander in prioritizing policing strategies and activities.

• Assist in community outreach/crime prevention activities as appropriate.

• Be known in the community for citizens to approach to provide information and/or concerns around policing and public safety.

The PAC is made up of two members of town council, five citizen members, the detachment commander and a town peace officer. They meet once a month to review any input from residents.

The PAC does not deal with specific complaints, which would be directed to the RCMP. The PAC is an avenue for residents to bring up concerns, trends or issues they see arising in the community.

The members of the PAC want to hear from local residents who may have information or concerns around policing and public safety.

To contact the PAC you can email or call 403-345-1336.

For any emergency call 911, for a non-emergency during business hours call the RCMP at 403-345-5552.

PAC Meeting Schedule 2017-2018