In Search of the Gem of the West - How to Play

The Town of Coaldale Community Services Department is inviting adventurous residents to "Search for the Gem of the West" in our amazing parks, trails and playgrounds. Searching for the Gem is a great reason to get outside on your own or with your family to explore these outdoor spaces and you may even learn something new about our parks.

How to play:

1. Each Wednesday from June 2 to July 21, follow the Gem of the West each week by watching for a new clue on Facebook and the Town of Coaldale website.

2. Use the clue to find the Gem of the West sticker hidden in one of our parks or playgrounds or along one of our pathways.

3. Once you find the Gem of the West sticker, use a QR App or your smartphone camera to scan for a question related to this particular location.

4. Submit your answer about this park in the submission space below and if your answer is correct, your name will be entered into a draw to win some fun weekly prizes and a grand prize worth $200.00.

Be sure to submit your answer before the following Tuesday.

Clue #4: June 23-29

Along this new path you can walk, jog or ride

Fresh air, running water, the senses imbibe

Start east or west and travel the trail

Till you happen upon a black metal rail.


In Search of the Gem of the West poster