Management Team

Find information about the Town of Coaldale’s Management Team and their contact information.

Kalen Hastings, Chief Administrative Officer, CAO


Phone: 403-345-1306

Kalen, as CAO for the Town of Coaldale, is the administrative conduit between Town Council and the Town of Coaldale Staff. He oversees the operation of the Town of Coaldale’s various departments from Community Services through to Utilities and leads the Senior Management Team. The responsibility to see that Town Council’s vision for Coaldale comes to fruition is one of the key roles Kalen fills as CAO. Kalen also oversees economic development for the Town.

Emergency Services

Kevin McKeown, Fire Chief

Kevin is responsible for overseeing Coaldale and District Emergency Services as the Fire Chief. He leads a volunteer crew which provides emergency response to the town and a portion of the Lethbridge County area.

You can email Kevin at or call 403-345-1330.

Clayton Rutberg, Director of Emergency Management

Clayton is responsible for the oversight of the Public Safety (Community Peace Officer) program and Emergency Management program. Works closely with many different stakeholders both internal and external to the town as well as non-profit, non-governmental, governmental and other communities to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the town and surrounding areas. Also oversees Emergency Advisory, Joint Emergency Advisory and Public Safety committees.

You can email or call 403-345-1325

Engineering Services

Andrea Koester, Director of Infrastructure and Engineering

Andrea provides in-house technical oversight and engineering support services to all Town departments. Andrea is also responsible for infrastructure assessments, creating engineering solutions to infrastructure challenges, project management, preparing RFP’s and technical reports and/or studies.

You can email Andrea at or call her at 403-345-1351

Financial Services

Kyle Beauchamp, CPA, CA, Director of  Corporate Services

Kyle is responsible for overseeing the budgetary process, the accounting of grants and expenditures, insurance matters, external audits and the Town’s Financial Services Department.

You can email Kyle at or call him at 403-345-1300.

Tim Koba, Corporate Services Manager

Tim is responsible for a diverse range of financial accounting services to and oversight of the Town’s Corporate Services Department. He also participates in various interdepartmental projects.

You can email Tim at or call him at 403-345-1309


Justin MacPherson, Director of Operations

Justin is responsible for the Operations department for the Town of Coaldale.

You can email Justin at or call him at 403-345-1359

Terry May, Operations Supervisor

Terry oversees the operational sub-departments of Public Works, Utilities, Building Maintenance and Recreation. He deals with the day to day operations of the Town of Coaldale.

You can email Terry at or call him at 403-345-1353

Planning, Development & Community Services

Spencer Croil, Director of Planning and Community Development

Spencer is responsible for overseeing the drafting, implementation, and monitoring of the procedures, policies, regulations, and processes that relate to the growth and change of the Town’s built environment. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of planning and development, Spencer’s role also focuses on ensuring that growth and change is undertaken in a logical, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner, and that it is responsive to the needs and desires of the Town’s stakeholders (residents, businesses, organizations, and so on). Spencer also oversees Development and Environmental Services.

You can email Spencer at or call him at 403-345-1304

Cindy L’Hirondelle, Manager of Development and Environmental Services

Cindy is responsible for development of residential and commercial properties within the town, working with developers to establish a cohesive professional relationship, site inspections, and ensuring compliance is maintained. Cindy also oversees the Parks department and solid waste programs in Coaldale including garbage, recycling and composting.

You can email Cindy at or call her at 403-345-1337

Cameron Mills, Manager of Economic and Community Development

Cameron comes to the Town of Coaldale from the Oldman River Regional Services Commission and brings with him a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector. He will be concentrating on economic development for the Town and securing grants for Town projects.

You can email Cameron at or call him at 403-345-1370

Cindy Hoffman, Manager of Community Services

Cindy is responsible for working with the community’s broad range of stakeholders to ensure Coaldale’s citizens and visitors receive the programs, services and cultural/recreational opportunities they desire. Cindy manages and undertakes the work required to successfully prepare and deliver the programs, processes and procedures required to fulfill the department’s mandate.

You can email Cindy at or call her at 403-345-1324

To contact anyone on the Management team, or anyone else at the Town of Coaldale, please visit the Contact page.