2017 Municipal Election Results:


In the Town of Coaldale, as in other municipalities in Alberta, local elections are held every four years.  Previously, elected officials held three year terms, however in 2012 terms of office for elected officials were extended to four years. This began with the 2013 Municipal Election.  Coaldale residents will vote this coming October 16, 2017 for a new municipal council. Voter ID requirements


Here, find results from the Town’s previous 2013 elections.

2013 Election Results


  • Kim Craig 1065 Votes
  • Henry (Butch) Pauls 785 votes

Councillors (6)

Note: (I) = Incumbent

Total eligible: 5,548

Voter turnout: 1,869 = 33.4%

 Note: For election documents and guidelines, please visit the Bylaws and Policy section of this website.