Mailing Address
Burn Location - Legal Land Description
Municipal Address
Description of Material to be Burned
Items answered as “Yes” in the following section may require inspection and approval prior to the issuance of permit.
Piles of debris or surface areas larger than 10 metres sq.
Log piles, mixed debris or large straw bales.
Structures (Will require site inspection and approval.)
Stubble Field (Burning stubble fields will not be approved.)
Do you understand your obligations under the Town of Coaldale Community Standards Bylaw #725-R-03-17?
Have you ensured that adequate clearance has been provided from readily combustible materials (example: grass to be mowed) with material(s) to be burned located a minimum of 7.5 m from ANY structure AND 7.5 m from ANY property line?
Will the appropriate number of competent individuals be on site for the duration of the burn?
Will the appropriate fire extinguishing equipment capable of controlling the fire be available at the burn location?
Have precautions been taken to assure confinement, intensity and size of said burn and to not create a smoke nuisance or hazard to neighbouring properties, persons, roadways or traffic?
When applying electronically, I, the permit applicant, authorize the e-mail address attached to this electronic application, to stand and represent me as the permit applicant in the absence of my written signature as required above.