Fire Department

Firefighter Recruiting 

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Our Mission

The mission of the Coaldale & District Emergency Services is to minimize the loss of life, property and the environment in the Town of Coaldale and Lethbridge County through emergency response, public education and fire prevention.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be known as an innovative and progressive fire department. We are dedicated to the delivery of effective fire suppression activities, rescue services, medical response, hazardous materials operations, and quality fire and safety education to the public. We strive to offer current education and training based on industry standards to our members. We are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty everyday and to provide the best customer service possible.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing for the right reason, even when no one is watching
  • Professionalism: In our training, service and how we present ourselves
  • Respect: Treat others how you would want to be treated, with respect and dignity, on and off the job
  • Compassion: Caring for the people you are serving and your co-workers through compassion and tolerance
  • Teamwork: Working together with each other and outside organizations.
  • Pride: In our community, in our job and in our department

“Respect the tradition - Embrace the culture - Live the life”

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