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RBC grant to help launch PLAYCoaldale

Just in time for the RBC Sports Day in Canada, held Saturday, Nov. 29 the Town of Coaldale and RBC were pleased to announce Coaldale has received a $15,000 grant under the RBC sponsored Learn to Play Community Grants program.

The grant cheque was presented to Mayor Kim Craig and Community Services Manager Stephanie Wierl by Evelyn Moman, Branch Manager at the Westgate RBC Lethbridge branch on Friday, Nov. 28.

The grant program seeks to create community champions and build community capacity around physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

Wierl said working with community partners, the Town is looking to initiate a “train the trainer” model which seeks to give leaders in Coaldale the skills they need to go out in the community, within their organizations, and train additional leaders and help children develop physical literacy and movement skills at all levels.

“By building PLAY Coaldale on the foundation of cross sectoral and community engagement we begin to imbed the concepts of physical literacy into all sectors of our community and ultimately that is how it becomes sustainable.”

Children who are physically literate move with confidence and competence throughout their lives in a host of activities which help them to develop into well-rounded individuals who can enjoy being physically active throughout their lives and are more confident in any physical activity pursuit they choose.

Wierl said the grant funding will allow the Town to focus on children and youth in Coaldale. Physical literacy provides a base for athletic development and, while not all children will go the route of professional sports, they will develop the skills they need to be physically active throughout their lives.

In addition to training and professional development, Wierl said the RBC funded project will also help build education and awareness campaigns, develop resources, materials and tools to support parents, community leaders and coaches and assist with community events, initiatives and programs and support local organizations in aligning their children and youth programming and values with physical literacy.

“I’m thrilled for Coaldale to be selected for this project.”

Wierl said the gracious financial support from RBC and its partners, ParticipACTION, Canadian Sport for Life and Public Health Agency of Canada will make it possible to move forward with a number of initiatives as part of PLAY Coaldale.

With physical literacy and activity a huge passion for Wierl, she is very excited to be bringing these philosophies to Coaldale.

A number of local partners have also committed to the project including the Coaldale Baseball Association, Coaldale Rec Hockey, Coaldale Figure Skating Club, Coaldale Minor Hockey Association, Coaldale and District Soccer Association, Coaldale Parent Link Centre and a trio of local schools, R.I. Baker Middle School, Jennie Emery Elementary School and St. Joseph School.

“The commitment of these community partners is invaluable to the success of PLAY Coaldale.”

About the RBC Learn to Play Project

Physical literacy is as important to a child’s development as reading, writing and speech skills, and the more physically literate children are, the more likely they will be to participate in sport and physical activity. Being more physically active and competent will help build confidence and self-esteem in children and youth, and hopefully lead to a lifetime of well-being. The RBC Learn to Play Project will focus on ensuring kids learn the fundamental movement skills they need in order to feel confident and competent enough to want to participate in sport and physical activity. RBC’s vision is to provide children with the right start in sport to enable them to play, and become happy, healthy and active for life. Starting in 2014, the RBC Learn to Play Grant program is committing $2 million over three years to support programs/projects that ensuring our kids learn the fundamental skills they need in order to feel confident and competent enough to participate in sport and physical activity.

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