Town of Coaldale Holds Annual Open House Event


The event is held in October of each year and provides residents with an opportunity to learn about how the Town operates and engage with members of Council and Town staff directly.


On Wednesday, October 18, the Town of Coaldale held its annual open house event in the atrium of Civic Square.

In April, 2022, Coaldale Town Council approved a Council Communications Strategy with the goal of making transparent, timely, accurate, and meaningful communications and engagement

with residents a reality. Since then, the Town has committed to putting on an annual open house event so residents can gain insights into how the Town operates, learn about current and future Town projects, and engage with members of Council and staff directly.

In keeping with last year’s open house event, this year’s event began with a community-wide policing presentation put on by Sgt. Mike Numan from the Coaldale RCMP and crime prevention liaison, Carolyn McTighe. While McTighe discussed various citizen-led crime prevention initiatives and programs including Block Watch, Rural Crime Watch, Citizens on Patrol, and Crime Stoppers, Sgt. Numan provided residents with an update on crime in Coaldale, and explained how and when to report criminal activity.

The event then featured a series of information booths set up by Town staff from various municipal departments including Corporate & Financial Services, Community Services, Operational Services, Infrastructure Services, and Protective Services. At each station, posters highlighting some of the core functions, services, and programs, associated with each of these departments were put on display to help educate residents about what each department does, and how the Town as an organization is structured.

“As a Council, we strongly believe in engaging the public so that our residents have an opportunity not only to learn about how the Town functions as an organization, but also and more importantly, to provide feedback on how the Town is being governed” said Town of Coaldale Mayor, Jack Van Rijn. “This is why we hold quarterly coffee events; this is why we’ve directed Town staff to conduct an annual community satisfaction survey; and this is why we put on an annual open house. All of these events and initiatives reflect our Council’s commitment to transparent government, and are specifically designed to build relationships with and seek input from Coaldale residents. I would encourage everyone who wants to have a say in the decision making-process to please attend public engagement events like this one.”