Town of Coaldale Continues to See Above Average Population Growth


As the Town’s 2022 Comparative Analysis shows, from 2017-2021 Coaldale saw the second highest population growth among its regional neighbours.


In May, the Town of Coaldale officially released its 2022 Comparative Analysis, which compares Coaldale’s operational and financial performance to the operational and financial performances of eight other similarly sized and/or neighbouring municipalities: Blackfalds, Drumheller, Edson, Innisfail, Lethbridge, Lethbridge County, Ponoka, and Taber.

In keeping with the Town’s previous Analyses, the Town’s 2022 Analysis once again takes stock of each municipality’s population growth – a performance metric that can be revealing of the relative health and desirability of a community, especially when looked at from a regional perspective. According to the Analysis, from 2017-2021, Coaldale saw the second highest population growth from among its regional neighbours (Lethbridge, Lethbridge County, and Taber).


Population statistics used in this Analysis are taken from the Government of Alberta and can be found online at its “regional dashboard.” These numbers reflect an estimate that is updated on an annual basis rather than the defined results of a federal census, which are only updated once every five years. According to these figures, Coaldale is performing relatively well. From 2017-2021, population growth in the region averaged 4.3%. During that same period, however, Coaldale’s population grew from 8495 to 8917, which amounts to 5.0% (0.5% less than neighbouring Lethbridge but 0.7% above the regional average). Meanwhile, Taber’s population grew by 2.5% while Lethbridge County’s population grew by 4.4%. What this suggests is that regionally, Coaldale has positioned itself as an attractive community to relocate to and live in, and that organizational policies focused on promoting and sustaining growth are paying off.

“For a town of Coaldale's size, above average population growth is significant,” said Cameron Mills, Director of Growth & Investment for the Town of Coaldale. “While major urban centres like neighbouring Lethbridge are better equipped to weather financial setbacks associated with stagnant or declining population growth, smaller towns like Coaldale and its similarly sized peers simply don’t have that luxury. It’s nice to see that Coaldale is continuing to grow, and at a pace that’s above average for our region. This tells us that if someone chooses to move to Coaldale, it’s a reflection not only of where Coaldale is located, but also, of what Coaldale in particular has to offer. It also means that Coaldale is continuing to expand its tax base, which will help position the community to maintain service levels even the face of high inflation, a challenge that in recent years, every municipality has had to contend with.”

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