Town History

In the early years, cattle companies located large ranching operations in the area to take advantage of the tall, nutritional, native grasses growing in the fertile loam soils. At that time, Coaldale played a pivotal role as a shipping point.

Soon homesteaders moved to the area and, as the sod turned over, fields of wheat, flax, oats, rye and barley became familiar sights. The railway brought more settlers to the area and the community became the major service centre for both farmers and settlers.

With the movement of people to the area, a modern, thriving community emerged. As the central shipping point for grains, it was the perfect environment for businesses starting up operations. At the same time, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, harness shops, butcher shops and lumberyards developed to serve the rapidly expanding needs of the community and the agricultural industry.

Over the years, the number of businesses and services have continued to grow. Today, residents and visitors alike will find practically everything they need right within the confines of Coaldale.

What attracts many people to the Town is the friendliness - and security - that comes with small-community living, something so rarely found these days, something Coaldale residents are truly proud of, and that makes Coaldale especially welcoming.