Sustainability in Coaldale

In recent years Coaldale has made significant strides to embrace sustainable practices — a movement taking place at both the volunteer and the municipal levels. From all angles, the community is moving in a direction that’s both sustainable and pragmatic, a movement we like to refer to as ‘sustainable pragmatism.’

Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives

Community Gardens

young girl gardening

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Community Gardens Society, our community is enjoying the fruits of its first-ever community vegetable garden, located in the heart of spacious Millennium Park. Here, residents are able to ‘rent’ a plot and plant, nurture and harvest fresh produce. As the popularity of the initiative grows, the Town will explore plans for future expansion. This concept is very exciting, especially for the service it provides to surrounding seniors’ homes and residents.

To learn more about the initiative, please email the society at or visit their Facebook Page.

Alberta Birds of Prey

child holding a bird

A mainstay in Coaldale since 1982, the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre continues to be a renowned wildlife rescue and habitat preservation site bringing heightened ecological awareness and education to thousands of visitors each year. The Centre is both fascinating and unique, creating an ideal nesting spot for residents and visitors alike. For more information about the Centre including visiting hours, how it is funded and the service it provides, be sure to visit the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre’s website.

Passive Sewer Treatment

Coaldale uses a passive sewer treatment system to handle its wastewater needs. Over a series of lagoons or ‘cells,’ wastewater is gradually processed, treated, tested and released back into the local river system. The best part about this system is that it does not require the aid of chemicals to complete the treatment process. To build on the benefits associated with passive sewer treatment, the Town is exploring the idea of using wind energy to power the aeration of its lagoons. This will decrease the operating cost of the treatment process.

Sustainability Studies

At the governmental level, the Town of Coaldale has been actively involved in facilitating the research, development, and implementation of key master planning documents, such as the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) and the Integrated Development Strategy (IDS).