Coaldale Sportsplex


Welcome Back

We look forward to welcoming back the community to our arena under the new guidelines and facility procedures during COVID-19. Your collaboration and communication is very important as we work through the reopening of our indoor arena. The health and safety of everyone is our priority and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The purpose of this information is to communicate practices in place to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 during the reopening of the Town of Coaldale indoor arena. We ask for your cooperation as we work to maintain a safe user space. Please review the guidance below.

All Arena Users

Organizations are responsible for contact tracing of participants, their staff and volunteers in the event of an outbreak. Organizations will be required to provide (or have their members provide) any needed masks and hand sanitizer for their day to day activities as well as any sport specific signage outlined by governing bodies. Organizers will be required to disinfect their own shared equipment (the Town of Coaldale will provide sanitizer and squirt bottles).

Specific Sport Guidelines

Organizations are expected to develop their own sport specific guidelines in accordance with Alberta Health Services and their governing bodies regarding physical distancing, cohorts and disinfection methods. 

Spectators (updated September 18)

Effective immediately, we are happy to welcome spectators back to the Town of Coaldale Arena. 

Thanks to the cooperation and support from all of the program administrators, the hard work from the arena staff and the effectiveness and efficiency of the new disinfecting equipment, spectators are welcome to attend all bookings in limited numbers.

To ensure that we can continue to make further changes to the COVID requirements at the arena, we do ask for your continued support as we evaluate our processes to ensure the safety of all facility users.

At this time we do continue to request that only one parent per participant attend each booking and that spectators:

  1. Maintain 2-meter physical distancing
  2. Stay within the assigned viewing area
  3. Discard their own food, drink and garbage when they leave the facility

With the continued support from all facility users, we are hopeful that more changes to the arena COVID requirements will be coming in the near future.

Public Skate (updated October 28)

Starting on November 2, Public Skate, Parent and Tot Skate and Parent and Tot Hockey Skate are permitted! To learn more, visit the Public Skate information page.

Limit Contact to Only 50 People

Where sports and activities cannot be modified to maintain the physical distance requirement, limit the number of contacts between different participants. This is done by playing within sport cohorts that do not exceed 50 people including participants, officials, coaches and trainers (does not include parents or other family members). We encourage only one parent or family member dropping off/picking up participants wherever possible to limit the number of people at the facility.

Physical Distancing

Maintain at least a 2-meter distance between you and others not of the same household or core cohort. If a 2-meter distance cannot be maintained, masks are strongly recommended.

Pre-Screening Measures

Do not enter the facility if you feel ill and/or present any symptoms of COVID-19. Stay home and complete the online self-assessment tool. Follow screening tools outlined by your organization and AHS.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

In addition to routine facility cleaning protocols, we have increased the frequency of sanitizing commonly touched surfaces. There will be a standard 30-minute break between ice bookings to allow for a flood and disinfecting of benches and penalty boxes.

Arrival & Departure

Players/participants should arrive no more than 10 minutes before their booking. Arrive dressed and ready to play or train, this includes having skates on (with skate guards). Participants, coaches and parents are expected to vacate the facility within 10 minutes of their booking ending to allow time for cleaning and sanitizing between bookings.

Entering & Exiting the Facility

Specific entrances and exits have been assigned to mitigate cohort cross contamination.

  • Figure Skating: Please enter using front foyer doors and exit using old foyer doors
  • Minor Hockey: Please enter using front foyer doors; proceed to assigned dressing room or directly to bench; exit using the east door next to your assigned dressing room
  • United Hockey: Please enter using front foyer doors; proceed to assigned dressing room or directly to bench; exit using the east door next to your assigned dressing room
  • Titan Youth: Please enter using front foyer doors; proceed to assigned dressing room or directly to bench; exit using the east door next to your assigned dressing room
  • Men’s Rec Teams: Please enter using front foyer doors; proceed to assigned dressing room or directly to bench; exit using the east door next to your assigned dressing room

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms will be available (maximum 2 per booking), however, only a limited number of participants will be allowed in each dressing room as indicated by the taped off seating sections to ensure physical distancing. If dressing rooms are used, user groups will be required to provide volunteers (part of the cohort) to monitor the use and physical distancing in the dressing room.

Dryland Training

Not permitted.

Additional Support Required

Maintaining a 2-meter distance in all areas of the facility will be required. The wearing of masks is strongly recommended in the facility. We will be asking each user group to provide a volunteer (coach, team manager or parent) to meet each participant as they enter the facility to screen participants and give direction to participants/parents wherever needed. If a participant is running late, a volunteer will be required to meet that participant at the front foyer doors to allow entry and to screen the participant as these doors will be locked once the ice booking has started. All user groups are asked to bring hand sanitizer for their benches. It is also strongly encouraged that each participant carry his/her own hand sanitizer.

Following Guidelines

Compliance with the above guidelines is critical in maintaining the health and safety of our facility users and employees. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in a loss of privilege to use the Town of Coaldale arena.


This document and the guidance within is subject to change and will evolve with the impacts of COVID-19 on public health and in partnership with the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada. Please visit the Town of Coaldale website for updates and more information.