Water restrictions have been lifted- Thank you Coaldale

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, March 22 Water restrictions for Coaldale have been lifted. Thank you for your cooperation. The City of Lethbridge has ended the call for water conservation as the water treatment plant biology has returned to normal.


OLD POST: Coaldale receives its treated water from the City of Lethbridge and as such Coaldale residents are asked to limit their water usage the same as city residents are being asked to do.

Public Service Announcement from the City of Lethbridge

Community asked to limit water usage effective immediately        

The City of Lethbridge is asking the community to limit water usage. The quick melt and ice jams in the Oldman River are causing high turbidity in the river making the water difficult to treat at the Water Treatment Plant. Conservation will help maintain our storage levels until the plant can make adjustments, and help us to avoid a boil water order in the near future.

Residents and businesses should refrain from all outdoor uses including car washing and should restrict water usage to essential uses only such as cooking.

This also means avoiding using dishwashers, washing machines and taking long showers.

Residents are also asked not to hoard water, as this creates an increase in water consumption in a short period of time, adding to difficulties at the Plant.

The notice is in effect until further notice and residents are thanked in advance for their cooperation.

We will provide more information when it becomes available.