30 Avenue potential upgrades

At the Monday, March 27, 2017 meeting, Coaldale Town Council reviewed a report on potential upgrades to 30 Avenue and the Seasons Road network access.

Following the presentation and council discussion the following motions were approved.

Regarding major upgrades to 30 Avenue and/or 17 Street and/or 13 Street – Council directed staff to continue investigating capital upgrades to 30 Avenue, 17 Street  and/or 13 Street. No further action will be taken until after a traffic analysis/modeling and a cost/benefit analysis has been completed for each potential upgrade.

In regards to the incremental enhancements to 30 Avenue and/or 17 Street – Council approved the implementation of speed tables, four on 30 Avenue and one on 17 Street.

Regarding the barrier structure at 31 Avenue and Seasons Boulevard – Council directed staff to work with the Town’s legal advisors to determine the potential of maintenance and liability issues associated with the removal of the barrier.

Regarding 8 Street (RR 20-1) – Council directed staff to initiate discussions with the developer of the Seasons regarding short and long term maintenance solutions for 8 Street (RR 20-1).