Coaldale recycling competition, East vs West

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Coaldale residents can help determine where this summer’s Movie Night in the Park will held by simply recycling.

Over the past three years the garbage tonnage for the Town of Coaldale has steadily increased from 2,133 tonnes in 2013, to 2,223 in 2014 and 2,245 in 2015.

Any reduction in the amount of garbage going to the landfill from Coaldale will mean a cost savings for the Town and ultimately its residents.

On Feb. 1 the Town began using the data it already receives on the tonnes of recycling collected in Coaldale by region to launch a competition between the East and West sides of Town.
The dividing line will be 20 Street, also known as Highway 845.
The contest ends April 30, 2016. At that time whichever side of Town has increased their recycling by the highest percentage will win the chance to host the annual Movie Night in the Park in August.
If the East side wins the movie will be shown in the field next to the HUB, behind the arena, where it has traditionally been held the last two years.
If the West side wins the movie will move to the other side of town to be shown in the greenspace at the Kin Picnic Shelter west of the Alberts Birds of Prey Centre.
In addition the Town is also working on another recycling competition involving school children in Coaldale that will be launched in the fall.