Volunteers are the heart of Coaldale

National Volunteer Week is April 21 – 27, making this month’s column the perfect venue to thank all of our community’s volunteers on behalf of Town Council.

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Anyone who grew up in a smaller community knows that volunteers play a role in every aspect of life and at all times throughout a person’s life. Children benefit from the experience and guidance of the many people who volunteer countless hours to coaching and organizing sports, for example. Without those wonderful people, our childhood memories would consist of wishing we could play sports instead of remembering the great games and the great times.

Families of all ages benefit from the dedication and hard work of any community’s true heroes, the volunteer firefighters and first responders. For genera

tions, these folks have been absolutely crucial to the survival of rural communities, and many people in many towns across Canada are still alive and still have their homes and farms because of them. Coaldale is fortunate to have one of the best volunteer fire departments of any community anywhere in Alberta, and the members deserve our admiration and respect for the work they put in and the risks they take on our behalf every time they answer a call.

Later in life, seniors are often a community’s largest and most reliable volunteer base. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – the community benefits from the experience and enthusiasm these folks bring and seniors have a way to continue to contribute to their community after retirement.

Volunteers are special people in any community but they are absolutely integral to the quality of life we enjoy here in Coaldale. Town Council and I thank everyone who gives of their time and we encourage everyone to give their favorite volunteers a pat on the back this week.